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So…You Want to do Business in Cuba? A Mini-Guide For U.S. Businesses, Social Entrepreneurs and NGOs

Since the December 17, 2014 joint announcement by Cuba and the U.S.A. that the two nations were re-establishing diplomatic relations, there has been heightened interest in the US over the prospects of developing relations with the island nation. Opportunities between American and Cuban businesses, NGOs, cultural and sports organizations, and academic institutions are certainly plentiful, […]

Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law Prompts Thousands Of Businesses To Stand Up For Diversity

Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” bill was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence last Thursday, but one grassroots campaign promoting inclusion is growing in its aftermath — and rapidly. Open For Service, an initiative aimed at supporting “businesses that open their doors for everyone — black, white, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, disabled,” is selling stickers […]

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