Why are my breasts tender and swollen?


Someone asked us: 

Hello I have a question both of my breasts is hurting can it be possible I’m pregnant

It’s normal for breasts to be swollen or sore sometimes for many different reasons. Your breasts might feel sore or tender as they develop during puberty or before and during your period. Sore or swollen breasts can also be a symptom of pregnancy

Premenstrual symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms have some similarities  — bloating, sore or swollen breasts, feeling tired, and having mood swings. The only way to know whether you’re pregnant for sure is to take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are super accurate when you use them correctly. Your best bet for an accurate result is to take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after sex or after a missed period.

If you’re worried about pain in your breasts or feel anything unusual, visit your nurse, doctor, or a Planned Parenthood health center to make sure everything is OK.

-Attia at Planned Parenthood

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